Any questions?

F.A.Q. is the cool kids’ abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions, here you can find the answers to most of the questions that you might have about Crea-m, but if you can’t find your answer don’t worry, contact us!

What is Crea-m?
Crea-m is a brand of facial and skincare cosmetic products with a 100% online distribution.
But we’re much more than that! Find out about our philosophy in the Crea-m section,
We’re waiting for you!
Who is behind Crea-m and where?
Crea-m is a young business created in Barcelona in the year 2013, our enthusiasm and passion for what we do move us and we aim to revolutionize the world of cosmetics with you. Find out much more about us in our Crea-m section,
Get to know-me!
Where can I find Crea-m products?
Crea-m products are mainly sold via our e-shop and in different boutiques.
If you want to buy Crea-m via our on-line shop, to place an order is very simple. Enter our shop, choose the product you like best, indicate how much you would like and click on “buy”.
Very soon you will receive your purchase at home and you’ll be able to enjoy Crea-m on your own skin!
If you prefer to buy Crea-m in a physical store, you can see all our physical points of sale under the boutiques section.
How many and what kind of products can I find at Crea-m?
We’ve launched into the market a line of cosmetics consisting of 8 products among which you can find facial, anti-aging and body skincare creams.
Take a look at our range of products here and discover everything that Crea-m can do for your skin!
But this is just the beginning of Crea-m, our dream is to design new lines of cosmetics with your help, find out about how to take part in the creation of new products and ideas at Create-it.
We can do it Together!
Are Crea-m products tested on animals?
No, Crea-m does not test its products on animals.
Crea-m adheres to the strictest security controls and respects current legislation which forbids the testing of cosmetic products on animals.
Do Crea-m products contain parabens?
No! All our products have been specially created to take care of your skin and are 100%
Do Crea-m cosmetics expire?
As with all cosmetics, once opened it is recommended that they are used within an estimated time period.
You can find this information on each product’s packaging thanks to the symbol PAO (Period After Opening).
We don’t expect you to learn it off by heart!
Do Crea-m cosmetics contain sun protection factor?
Some do! Sensitive skin (facial moisturizer) and Skin Brightening (illuminating anti dark-spots cream) contain SPF 20.
Who is Mr. Lorenzo?
Don’t you know him? I’m sure you do, we wanted to baptize our king star with a funny pseudonym, Mr. Lorenzo or as his friends call him… Sun.
He provides us with many benefits but we also need to protect our skin against his UV rays.
Be careful with that young man!
Can I find out what the ingredients are in Crea-m products?
Of course! We are delighted to provide you with this information, you can find out the compositions of all of our products by looking at each of their information pages.
But if you still have any doubts contact us!
How do I apply the products?
In order for you to know how to do it correctly, we have prepared a special section under the description of each of our Crea-m products, to get the most out of our products look up their information pages and follow the advice we give in our beauty Tips.
We want you to be as beautiful as can be!
How do I make a purchase online from Crea-m?
E-a-s-y!! Go to our on-line store:
We offer you two different ways of processing your purchase.
If you have a few minutes and you want to take advantage of our exclusive discounts we recommend that you register and chose your own Creamer today.
But if you urgently need to make a purchase and you can’t waste even a second, go to Express Purchase and make your purchase in an instant.
In a few simple steps you will be ready to fill your shopping basket. Enjoy!
Can I place my order over the telephone?
Crea-m is 100% online so that we can reduce our prices as much as possible for you, so unfortunately you can’t place your order over the telephone.
But if you have any doubts about the ordering process you can contact your Creamer or send us an email to customer service…
We would be delighted to help you any time!