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Antiaging serum.


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Antiaging Serum is the elixir of youth which reduces wrinkles restoring your skin’s elasticity and luminosity.



  •    Ultra concentrated formula
  •    Silky texture with rapid absorption
  •    Suitable for all skin types
  •    Dermatologically tested
  •    Hypoallergenic
  •    Oil-Free
  •    Paraben-free
  •    Non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores)


  •    Softens and prevents expression lines
  •    “Botox” effect, skin tensing properties
  •    “Healthy glow” effect, decongests, illuminates and boosts circulation
  •    “Beauty flash balm” effect, immediate visual facelift
  •    Repairs cellular DNA
  •    Fights Carbonyl free radicals
  •    Protects against pollution
  •    Very deep nourishment
  •    Protects against photoaging

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